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Spartanburg School District Six recognizes that access to technology resources in the school, home, and community setting provides students with greater and more frequent opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop the necessary skills to be career and college-ready in the 21st century. The mission of the "Log in to Learning" program at District Six is to enrich the curriculum with technology opportunities that build and sustain an engaged and collaborative learning environment for all students. A structured digital environment that is safe, yet demanding will enable and support students and teachers as they explore trans-formative uses of technology. This enhances student engagement with content and promotes the development of self-directed, responsible, life-long learners and digital citizens. In order to reach the goal of preparing all learners for the ever-changing tomorrow, the program supports offline access to resources for learning by providing a district owned device for students, ensuring equitable and functional access to technology.

 Distance learning refers to a formal learning activity where students and teachers are separated due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  This type of learning offers both teachers and students a way to stay connected and continue learning while they are apart.  Distance learning materials are delivered through a variety of media including, but not limited to, print, recordings, webinars/broadcasts, web-based programs and other online technology. Teachers support distance learners through communication via email, telephone, or online programs and platforms. 

eLearning days will be utilized by Spartanburg School District Six, when there is a disruption to the regularly scheduled school day. For example, when inclement weather will not allow students to physically attend school, District Six students will be able to continue their learning at home through eLearning opportunities and a student make-up day will not be required. eLearning days will be communicated along with school cancellations through District Six Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, District Six App), district and school websites and local media outlets. 


On an eLearning day students will have relevant classwork assigned to them by their teachers. For students in grades K-12, these assignments will be available for students by 9:00 am in their teacher’s Google Classroom.  Teachers will keep office hours and be expected to make contact with students, track student attendance, and be available to students electronically during the school day. If you or your child need assistance during regular school hours, please email the teacher directly. 


Students who have access to WiFi, will upload their completed assignments as they complete them. For those students without access to WiFi, they will have up to three days after returning to school to submit the assignments to their teacher. Students who do not submit their assignments within the three day time-frame will be coded as absent for the eLearning day. However, just like with any other absence, the eLearning work is still required. The teacher will handle missing eLearning assignments just as other missing classroom assignments are handled.


Using Zoom for Distance Learning: Please note that Zoom is one of many application that you can use (Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, google classroom/meets, Itslearning, etc). All meeting should be password protected and private.
NO STUDENT needs to ever create an account.