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Transportation FAQs

We understand that thousands of students depend on us for transportation to and from school each day. We will offer transportation but our bus capacity will be limited to 50%, based on recomendations from public health officials and the State Department of Education. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to school if at all possible.


Our District Six transportation team needs your help! In order to better serve our students during this time, it is important to know which families plan to utilize transportation services. All you need to do is fill out this form by clicking here. It's that simple! Please fill out one form per child in your household. You can also call 864-342-8988.


 Running school buses at 50% capacity poses a great challenge for students who rely on bus transportation. We may need to run double routes in many cases and this may cause delays in pick-up and drop-off. We have added two additional buses in order to help address this challenge. 

As our buses begin to hit the road again, we would like to do everything possible to keep our students and our drivers safe. We ask our parents to speak with their children about social distancing at bus stops. Depending upon our student ridership numbers this year, it may not be possible for all students to sit six feet apart from other riders. As an added safety measure, students will need to wear a mask while on the bus. We are also, enhancing the cleaning and disinfecting procedures for our bus fleet.

Students who are late, due to transportation delays, will not be penalized. However, they will need to make up any school work missed while they were not in class.