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Support Services FAQs

All educational options, at all school levels will be available to parents with children receiving special education services.  Once parents have made a decision about the model their child will participate in (Virtual or Face-to-Face), the child’s case manager (or special education teacher) will contact parents to discuss special education services given the model chosen. If you have specific questions about your child's needs, please call 864-576-4212.

District Six will continue to provide these specialized services for qualified students on all our campuses and remotely. District and site personnel will continue to work with families to make addendums to plans as needed.

ESOL teachers will continue to provide services to identified students based on individual plans. Safety precautions will be taken.

Students qualifying for Gifted & Talented services will be served although services will be dependent upon the model the district is adhering to given health recommendations and guidelines. It is the District’s intent to provide students with the challenging academic work they need to reach their full potential.  Gifted teachers will provide services regardless of the model chosen.  Teachers will differentiate and individualize learning for gifted and talented students based on their specific needs and talents.