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Symptom Protocol Check

One of the best ways we can keep our schools safe is for parents to keep their children home from school when they are not feeling well. If your child is sick, please contact your healthcare provider to ensure that your child is properly diagnosed and treated. It is also important to contact the school nurse to discuss return options. 



Daily Symptom Protocol Check 



The presence of any of the symptoms below generally suggests a student, teacher, or staff member has an infectious illness, regardless of whether the illness is COVID-19.  Occurrence of any of the symptoms below while a student, teacher, or staff member is at school suggests the person may be referred for diagnostic testing.  The student, teacher, or staff member should remain at home until a diagnosis is confirmed or symptoms have improved and met the DHEC return to school guidelines.


    •            Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
    •            Sore throat
    •            Cough
    •            Difficulty breathing
    •            Diarrhea or vomiting
    •            New loss of taste or smell
    •            New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever




If your child develops the above symptoms while at school, he/she will be kept separate from other students. A parent/guardian will be contacted to arrange for the student to be picked up. Please be sure that your contact information is correct in our school system.