Teachers Recognized for Project-Based Learning Endorsement

We are proud to recognize our 2017-2018 Project Based Learning Cohort in partnership with the Riley Institute and Furman University. These 14 teachers earned their project-based learning endorsement approved by the State Board of Education and the legislature through three graduate courses that spanned throughout the course of this school year.
Pictured Left to Right Row 1: Kristi Winslow (FMS), Emily Waddill (FMS), Christi Coomes (DMS), Julianna Lux (DFC), Sarah Gregory (DFC), Kimberly Trott (DFC)
Row 2: Sarah Golightly (FMS), Clark Maxwell (FMS), Sarah Kate Higgins (FMS), Savannah Griffith (FMS), Mandy Irick (GMS), Robert Smith (DMS), Makisha Miller (FMS), Dawn Mitchell, Instructor. *Not pictured, Taylor Thomas (GMS)
A picture of the teachers recognized