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Dear Citizens of Spartanburg School District Six,

Education in Spartanburg Six really is a “family” affair. The District Six family is governed by our nine-member Board of Trustees who represents the welfare and values of all of the citizens of Spartanburg School District Six. These individuals give tirelessly of their time to ensure that the goals outlined in our mission statement are met and that our students have opportunities second to none. 

Another essential part of our family is our personnel. From support personnel to our teachers who deliver our instructional program, each member is a valued part of the whole. Everyone in Spartanburg School District Six works together as a team, and our emphasis is always on what is best for children. The heart of our family is our students and their parents.

We are blessed in Spartanburg Six to serve diversely talented young people who amaze us yearly with their successes and accomplishments. Whether the arena is on the playing field, in the concert hall, or on student achievement, District Six students are more than competitors; they are winners. Likewise, we can count on our parents to offer support, encouragement, and a firm foundation for their children.

Lastly, a real part of our family is the citizens of Spartanburg Six, many who have no children in school. Our greater school community has proved that they support public education and want the best for the children of Spartanburg School District Six. With your continued support, we can continue to serve our exceptional students in an exceptional way. On behalf of our Board of Trustees, I thank each of you for your commitment to Spartanburg Six and wish every student and family success in the coming school year.

Dr. Darryl Owings
[email protected]