Curriculum & Instruction

Spartanburg School District Six Instructional Services


The Instructional Services Department oversees the curriculum and instruction programs delivered across the schools in Spartanburg School District. We strive to ensure that students are offered the best educational experience possible in our continuing mission to Always Put Children First.


The Instructional Services envision an educational experience for all children where they master grade-level standards, discover and develop their inner talents, learn in a safe and caring environment, and are equipped to lead fulfilling lives within the global community. Student success is promoted through a comprehensive program that regards the needs of the whole child and sets them on a pathway for College and Career Readiness.

Important Dates

We will begin the year assessing students to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Our goal is to provide the very best instruction for each learner based on the data we receive. Informed decisions can be made regarding teaching and learning from assessment outcomes we provide to our students.
PALS 4K - August 16th - October 15th 
KRA 5K - August 16th-20th
iReady 5K-9th Grade - August 23rd - September 3rd

A Successful Summer


District Six Summer Programs were a huge success!  Students in 4k through high school attended programs for academic recovery or credit recovery.  Over 1800 students attended programs including: Summer Reading Camp, Summer Enrichment Camp, Camp SOAR, or Summer School.  Students were engaged in learning through remediation and enrichment initiatives. Over 650 credits were awarded to high school students during summer school.
Our learners are more prepared for classes this fall because of the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, and administration during the months of June and July! 

Looking for a Pre-K?


The Palmetto Pre-K Portal is your one-stop shop for finding free or subsidized educational Pre-K programs for 3- and 4-year old children in South Carolina. This portal allows you to search based on zip code and eligibility to see at a glance your available program options. Visit: 


Standards-Based Report Cards (5K-2nd Grade) 
Standards-Based Report Cards are now available for 2nd grade students for the 2021-22 school year!
District Six has worked to provide parents with informative report cards that capture learner growth toward meeting end of year mastery of standards. The purpose of the standard-based report card is to clearly communicate student performance each nine weeks in meeting the grade-level standards and expectations to our D6 families. Parents will know how students are performing as they progress throughout the school year. 
When learners master the standards at each grade level, they are better prepared for the next level! If you have any questions about these documents, please talk to your child's teacher or principal. You can also find the standards for each grade level by visiting the South Carolina State Department of Education website at
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Family-friendly Guides to the Standards available for start of school
Looking for resources for families as school starts back?
The SC Family-Friendly Standards are updated and available for Grades K-12 for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The guides provide information about what students should be learning at each grade level, along with books and resources to enhance the learning at school.
The guides are also available in Spanish.

2020 School Report Cards 

Look for information to come regarding the 2019-2020 school report cards.  Test scores will not be included, however, since students were not in school to complete end of year assessments.


2019 School Report Cards

Each year, School Report Cards are posted on the South Carolina Department of Education’s website.  Please explore the links below to view or download the current school report card.