Curriculum & Instruction

Spartanburg County School District Six Instructional Services
With a mission of Always Putting Children First, the Instructional Services Department assists schools in developing quality instructional programming to meet the needs of diverse learners. We strive to ensure students are provided with the best education experiences, leaving students better prepared for the next level of learning.
We envision experiences for all children whereby they master grade-level standards, discover and develop their inner talents, learn in a safe and caring environment, and are equipped to lead fulfilling lives within the global community. Student success is promoted through a comprehensive program that regards the needs of the whole child and sets them on a pathway for College and Career Readiness.
This year, our Instructional Team, along with school staff, will focus on the changes in South Carolina State Standards. Preparing for the new standards in Science, English Language Arts, and Mathematics will require a focus on changes in curricular decision making at each level over the course of the next few years.
Content Area Professional Development Full Implementation of the Standards
Science 2021 - 2024 2023 - 2024
English Language Arts 2023 - 2025 2024 - 2025
Mathematics 2023 - 2026 2025 - 2026