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                                         Spartanburg School District Six Instructional Services


The Instructional Services Department oversees the curriculum and instruction programs delivered across the schools in Spartanburg School District. We strive to ensure that students are offered the best educational experience possible in our continuing mission to Always Put Children First.


The Instructional Services envisions an educational experience for all children where they master grade-level standards, discover and develop their inner talents, learn in a safe and caring environment and are equipped to lead fulfilling lives within the global community. Student success is promoted through a comprehensive program that regards the needs of the whole child and sets them on a pathway for College and Career Readiness.

Welcome Back Teachers and Students!
Welcome Back
The SC Department of Education and the EOC released the 2018 School and District Report Cards on November 29, 2018. Click on the guide below to access the new 2018 SC School Report Cards. 
Students in Spartanburg School District Six were able to participate in over 40 different camps during the summer of 2019 including art camps, athletic camps, and academic camps. The goal of Spartanburg Six is to combat the summer slide by keeping students involved and engaged during summer months.