Curriculum & Instruction

Spartanburg School District Six Instructional Services


The Instructional Services Department oversees the curriculum and instruction programs delivered across the schools in Spartanburg School District. We strive to ensure that students are offered the best educational experience possible in our continuing mission to Always Put Children First.


The Instructional Services envision an educational experience for all children where they master grade-level standards, discover and develop their inner talents, learn in a safe and caring environment, and are equipped to lead fulfilling lives within the global community. Student success is promoted through a comprehensive program that regards the needs of the whole child and sets them on a pathway for College and Career Readiness.

2021-2022 District Six Testing Schedule




May 2-1



May 10,11, and 17

SC Ready

-Grade 3 students MUST be tested first for Summer Reading Camp Invitations


ELA, Writing, Math

May 18


Science 4th, 6th

June 27-August 3

Summer EOC


*DRA is a federally mandated requirement for students receiving interventions and will be administered throughout the school year for progress monitoring.

Middle School and High School Students
Visit this link to see how to use Apex Tutorials this summer to access any of our middle or high school tutorials including those for ACT/SAT preparation!


2022 Summer Resources for Parents and Students

Tech Tool 


Grade Levels

How to Access




i-Ready instruction provides students with lessons based on their individual strengths and areas for growth. These lessons are interactive and provide strategic support to keep your child engaged as they learn. We recommend students use i-Ready for 45 minutes per subject each week in 15-20 minute increments.

K - 8th

Available to students through the Clever app on their district laptop. 




This site provides interactive math lessons that are adapted to each student, providing the ultimate personalized learning experience.  The program recommends that students complete at least 5 lessons a week.  Please see below for some helpful videos on using DreamBox at home:

K - 5th 

Available to students through the Clever app on their district laptop.  




Sora has a large selection of ebooks and audiobooks available to students. With a catalog for all interests and abilities, Sora truly offers something for all readers. 

This site provides access to ebooks available at the Spartanburg Public Library.


Available to students through the Clever app on their district laptop.



vocabulary is a website (and Chrome app) that helps kids improve their vocab skills using quick quizzes that adapt to their skill level over time. If kids answer a question incorrectly, schedules extra exercises to help them learn it. Students get points for each correct answer and earn badges as they reach different goals. 


Students create a free account using their district gmail address.



This is used to develop skills in a second language. After email registration, English-speaking people can select any of five languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French -- while speakers of these languages (plus Romanian, Turkish, and Polish) can select to learn English 


Students create a free account using their district gmail address.

Sheppard Software


This site has lots of fun and educational online math games, from basic operations to algebra and geometry.


No account is needed - students can just go to the site.  

Tang Math

Tang Math

This site offers a variety of challenging skill and learning games.  There are also free sample math puzzles available for download.  

K - 8th

No account is needed - students can just go to the site.  

Phet Interactive Simulations




To help students engage in science and mathematics through inquiry, PhET simulations are developed 


Students set up a free account using their district gmail address.

Standards-Based Report Cards (5K-2nd Grade) 
Standards-Based Report Cards are now available for 2nd grade students for the 2021-22 school year!
District Six has worked to provide parents with informative report cards that capture learner growth toward meeting end of year mastery of standards. The purpose of the standard-based report card is to clearly communicate student performance each nine weeks in meeting the grade-level standards and expectations to our D6 families. Parents will know how students are performing as they progress throughout the school year. 
When learners master the standards at each grade level, they are better prepared for the next level! If you have any questions about these documents, please talk to your child's teacher or principal. You can also find the standards for each grade level by visiting the South Carolina State Department of Education website here.

Looking for a Pre-K?


The Palmetto Pre-K Portal is your one-stop shop for finding free or subsidized educational Pre-K programs for 3- and 4-year old children in South Carolina. This portal allows you to search based on zip code and eligibility to see at a glance your available program options. Visit: 


Family-friendly Guides to the Standards
The SC Family-Friendly Standards are updated and available for Grades K-12 for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The guides provide information about what students should be learning at each grade level, along with books and resources to enhance the learning at school.
The guides are also available in Spanish.