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STEM Education

What is STEM?

A comprehensive, accelerated honors program focusing on integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction.

Who are candidates for the STEM program?
  • current 8th graders, highly recommended by their math and science teachers
  • students enrolled in Honor's Algebra I or Honor's Geometry in 8th grade
  • students interested in more challenging math and science classes
  • students with exceptional math and science grades
  • students who like working in a challenging team atmosphere
  • students who enjoy exploration and research
Are you a Current STEM Student?
You can now access the STEM Course Book here:
STEM Course Guide 2017-18.pdf

What can you expect from the STEM program?
Project Based Learning Opportunities, Research and Internship Experiences, Rigorous and Exciting Classes

Ninth Grade
Water Quality Project- Studying the DFC Creek
Studying Water Quality at Wofford College's Goodall Environmental Center
Participating in Piedmont Regional Science Fair
Award winners at the 2013 Piedmont Region III Science Fair

Field Trips
Tenth Grade
STEM Humanities Poster Projects Presented at The STEM Poster Symposium
Eleventh Grade
Research and Internship Class
Does the STEM program make a difference?
Scholastic Aptitude Test Score Comparisons
American College-Readiness Test Score Comparisons
WorkKeys Assessment Score Comparisons
How do I apply for the STEM Program?
Guidance Counselors and Teachers will talk with 8th grade students about the program and applications will be sent home in January. Applications are due the same week that course cards for DFC are due (usually in February). As students sign up for classes at DFC, they should register as though they are not in STEM. Letters of acceptance are sent home before Spring Break. Once accepted students return their paperwork to DFC, schedule changes will be made.