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Spartanburg School District 6 was proud to unveil the District 6 Farm to School Program to support our healthy schools initiatives.  Four elementary schools, one middle school, and our high school established school gardens.  The district was awarded the South Carolina Department of Agriculture Grant to support school gardens to source locally and incorporate agriculture and nutrition education into school curriculums.  In addition, the district received the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification and a USDA Farm to School Grant.  Partnering with the Mary Black Foundation, four schools received Healthy School Initiative Grants to promote healthy lifestyles. With our own greenhouse and district garden producing fruits and vegetables, our cafeterias can incorporate healthy food choices for students year round.  The D6 Farmer’s Market allows community members to purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables as well.  Our students are actively involved in the growing process from germinating seeds in the greenhouse, transplanting the seedlings into the garden, and to harvesting the fruits and vegetables for our schools and the community.