About Us » Mission/Vision/Beliefs/Goals


Our Mission Statement
Spartanburg School District Six, where children are always first, ensures the highest quality education for all children by providing a highly qualified staff, a challenging curriculum, first class facilities, and a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Vision
We envision a district where:
  • The focus is on students
  • Students, staff and stakeholders feel safe, valued, and respected
  • Educational opportunities and facilities are designed to maximize student learning
  • Students are provided opportunities outside of the classroom to grow and develop
  • All students graduate with a career focus and a planned path to achieve it
  • Parents and the community are engaged as partners in the education of our students
Our Beliefs
  • All students can learn when provided meaningful appropriate learning opportunities.
  • A clean, safe, nurturing environment is essential for learning.
  • A highly qualified motivated staff with high expectations is essential for all children to learn.
  • Community involvement and parental support are crucial to the learning process.
  • The district must have a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure student achievement and promote life-long learning.
  • Our schools serve a vital role in the unity and development of the community
District Six Goals

Goal 1 - We will provide safe, orderly and healthy schools that create a positive learning environment

Goal 2 - We will achieve high levels of academic success for all students

Goal 3 - We will recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified staff in all positions

Goal 4 - We will provide opportunities for parents/guardians to participate in the education of their children

Goal 5 - We will be responsible stewards of the district's resources and utilize them to provide positive educational opportunities for all students.

Goal 6 - We will partner with the community and businesses to create support and advocacy for our schools and school district