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Title III, Part A

Multilingual Learner Program

Spartanburg School District Six, where children are always first, ensures the highest quality education for all children by providing a highly qualified staff, a challenging curriculum, first class facilities, and a safe and nurturing environment.


Within Spartanburg School District Six the desire to ensure learning for all children in our school community is paramount. We seek to provide every child, regardless of national origin or native language a high quality educational experience. Consequently, students who are Multi-Language Learners (MLs) are provided additional instructional services through the English Language Development Program designed to meet their unique learning needs.


The ultimate goal for students who are Multilingual Learners is for them to be able to master state academic content standards, demonstrated by proficiency on required state assessments, and graduate from high school receiving state issued diplomas. Therefore, MLs should be placed in an age appropriate grade.


Questions regarding Spartanburg County School District Six responsibilities for providing English language services may be directed to:


Dr. Stephen Krawczyk

Director of Instructional Technology, MTSS and ESOL

Spartanburg County School District Six

1390 Cavalier Way

Roebuck, SC 29376

Phone: 864-216-4352

Fax: 864-574-6265

[email protected]


What is WIDA? 


South Carolina has been a member of the WIDA consortium since 2013. The WIDA Consortium is made up of 40 U.S. states, territories and federal agencies dedicated to the research, design and implementation of a high-quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate system to support English language learners in K-12 contexts. This comprehensive system, based on research and educator feedback, is built on standards, assessments and professional learning.


WIDA draws its strength from its mission, vision, and values—the Can Do Philosophy, innovation, service, collaboration, and social justice. This belief system underscores the cultural, social, emotional, and experiential assets of multilingual learners, their families, and educators. It acts as a unifying force that gives the consortium its strength of conviction and action throughout the PreK-12 education community.


What are WIDA Standards? 


The WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards Framework provides a foundation for curriculum, instruction and assessment for multilingual learners in kindergarten through grade 12. The ELD Standards Framework is centered on equity and fosters the assets, contributions and potential of multilingual learners. 


Click on the button below to see the WIDA Standard for each grade:



In accordance with federal and state requirements, all Multilingual Students are administered ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 yearly. It is used to help determine the English proficiency level of Multilingual Learners in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.


The results from the ACCESS test are used for state and federal accountability purposes, to help inform decision making regarding individual students, and as a way to show students and parents the progress a student has made.


ACCESS scores are reported in terms of "Levels of Proficiency". A student's level of English Proficiency is categorized in one of WIDA's 6 levels of English Language Development.


English Proficiency Level WIDA English Language Development Level
Level 1 Entering
Level 2 Emerging
Level 3 Developing
Level 4 Expanding
Level 5 Bridging
Level 6 Reaching