Current Awards

Audit Services:  Intent to Award RFP-AS-0518
Canine Narcotic Inspections:  RFB-DD-0519
Security Camera Upgrades Various Schools:  RFB-SC-0519
Benefits Electronic Enrollment & Communication Services:  RFP-BEE-0519
Bread:  RFP-BRD-0619
Interior Security Services:  RFP-ISS-0619
Pizza Ingredients:  RFP-PI-0619
Pest Control:  BVB-PC-1119
Refrigeration Filtration System Service:  RFP-RF-0220
Farm Contract Labor:  FPB-FCL-0320
Reroofing Construction Project at Old Fairforest Middle School:  PF 15002.011.004
Certified Athletic Trainers:  RFP-CAT-0520
Bleacher & Goal Maintenance:  BVB-BGM-0720
E-Rate Services:  RFP-ES-0720
Bus Maintenance Services:  BVB-BMS-0720
Organic Compost:  RFB-OC-0920
Group Purchasing Services:  RFP-PS-0920
Playground & Landscaping Mulch:  FPB-PLM-0920
DHS Tennis Courts - Repair and Resurfacing:  RFB-TC-0221
Helmet Reconditioning:  RFB-HR-0521
Waste Pickup & Disposal:  RFB-WP-0521
Water Treatment:  RFP-WT-0521
Fresh Produce:  RFP-FP-0521
Pay Card Services:  RFP-PC-0621
Fencing:  FPB-FN-1021
Greenhouse Electrical Installation:  RFB-GE-1121
Reroofing Construction Project at Jesse S. Bobo Elementary School:  PF 15002.016.004
Qualified Contractors' list Elementary School Additions:  RFQ-ADD-0122
Firewall:  SPA6 2022 001
Janitorial Products:  RFP-JP-0122
Food Service Supplies:  RFP-FSS-0122
Scrap Metal Recycling – Revenue Generating:  RFB-SM-0222
Fire System, Fire Extinguisher, Hood System & Sprinkler System Inspections:  RFB-FAEH-0322
Band Tower:  RFP-BT-0322
Chorus Trip to Carowinds:  BVB-CC-0322
Dorman High Football Scoreboard Installation:  RFB-DS-0322
Epoxy Flooring:  BVB-EF-0322
Gym Floor Refinishing and Repair Services:  RFP-GFRR-0322
403(b) Retirement Plan Administration Services:  RFP-RAS-0222
Band Instruments:  RFB-BI-0322
Brokerage Services - Property, Liability and Worker's Compensation:  RFP-IBS-0222
Arcadia, Fairforest, and Lone Oak Elementary School Additions
Roofing Maintenance and Minor Repair Services:  FPB-RMR-0422
Dorman High Graduation Invitations, Cap & Gown Sets, Rings, and Memorabilia:  RFP-GRAD-0422
Copy Paper:  RFP-CP-0622
Exclusive District Beverage Contract:  RFP-BC-0622
Concrete:  FPB-CON-0522
Fairforest Elementary School Additions:  021269
Athletic Locker Replacement:  RFB-ALR-0622
Asphalt:  RFB-AS-0622
Uniforms:  BVB-MTU-0622
Certified Angus Beef Burgers and Fresh Local Ground Beef:  RFB-CAB-0622
Armed Security Guard Services:  RFP-AIS-0622
Lone Oak Elementary School Additions:  021268
Qualified Contractors' list Elementary School Additions (Roofing): RFQ-ROO-0922
Lone Oak Elementary School Additions:  021268
Arcadia Elementary School Additions:  021267
Catering Supply Rentals:  RFB-CS-1222
Food Service Management System:  RFP-FSMS-1222
Network Upgrades:  SPA6-2023-001
Cabling Upgrades:  SPA6-2023-002
Lightning Detection System:  RFP-LDS-0123
Lumber:  FPB-LUM-0223
Athletic Field Maintenance:  RFP-AFM-0323
Serving Lines:  RFB-SL-0323
Linen Service:  RFB-LS-0423
District-Wide Painting Services:  FPB-PA-0423
Student Insurance:  RFP-SI-0523
Processing Produce:  RFB-PR-0523
Banking Services:  RFP-BS-0523
Translating and Interpreting Services:  RFP-TIS-0523
Laptop buyback:  RFB-LAP-0723
Carpet Cleaning:  FPB-CC-0823
Reroofing Construction Project at Old Fairforest Middle School - Phase II:  PF 15002.026.004

Contracted Speech/PT/OT/Psychologist/Nursing/Interpreting and SPED Teaching Services:  FPB-CTNS-0823

External Security Services:  RFP-ESS-1023
Restroom Partitions:  RFB-PAR-1123
Qualified Contractors' list Elementary School Additions:  RFQ-ADD-1123
Laptop Buyback:  RFB-LAP-1223
Network Upgrades:  SPA6-2024-001
Gable Middle School Car Drive Renovation:  022609