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Current Awards

Qualified Contractors' list:  RFQ-FMS-012517
Athletic Field Maintenance:  Intent to Award RFP-AFM-0318
Painting:  Notice of Award FPB-PA-0318
School Based Mental Health:  Notice of Award RFP-SBMH-0318
Gym Floor Refinishing:  Notice of Award RFP-GF-0418
Property & Liability Insurance:  Intent to Award RFP-INS-0418
Student Insurance:  Intent to Award RFP-SI-0518
Charter Buses:  Notice of Award RFQ-CB-0618
Audit Services:  Intent to Award RFP-AS-0518
Translation & Interpreting Services:  Notice of Award RFP-TIS-0518
Linen Services:  Notice of Award RFB-LS-0618
Banking Services:  Notice of Award RFP-BS-0618
Dorman High School Orchestra Washington D.C. Trip:  BVB-DDC-0618
Chorus Trip to Charleston:  RFB-CCH-0718
Rider Floor Scrubbers:  RFB-RFS-0718
Dorman High School Chorus Washington D.C. Trip:  BVB-CDC-0718
Fairforest Middle Band Trip - Myrtle Beach:  BVB-FMBM-0818
Event Services:  FPB-ES-0818
Copy Paper:  RFB-CP-0818
Dawkins Middle School Atlanta Trip:  BVB-DMSA-0918
Dawkins Middle School Chorus Pigeon Forge Trip:  BVB-DCPF-1018
Security Services:  RFP-SS-1018
Freezers & Cooler:  RFB-FC-1118
LAN/WLAN Equipment:  ITB Number SPA6-2019-001
Gable Middle School Chorus Carowinds Trip:  BVB-GCC-1218
Classroom Furniture - Fairforest Middle School:  RFB-CF-1118
Security Cameras - Fairforest Middle School:  RFB-SC-0119
Dawkins Middle School Band & Chorus Carowinds Trip:  BVB-DBCC-0119
Athletic Signage:  RFB-AS-0119
Mitel Phone System - Fairforest Middle School:  RFB-FMSPH-0119
Gable Middle School Orchestra Gatlinburg Trip:  BVB-GOG-0219
Contracted Speech/PT/OT Therapy and Nursing Services:  FPB-CTNS-0219
Gable Middle School Door replacement:  RFB-GMSD-0319
District Six Greenhouse:  ITB MPS Project No. 018706.00
Security Vestibules:  ITB MPS Project No. 018532.00
Fairforest Middle School Floor Maintenance Equipment:  RFB-FME-0419
Copy Paper:  RFB-CP-0419
Canine Narcotic Inspections:  RFB-DD-0519
Security Camera Upgrades Various Schools:  RFB-SC-0519
Benefits Electronic Enrollment & Communication Services:  RFP-BEE-0519
Chorus Disney Trip:  RFB-CD-0619
Dawkins Middle School Band Orlando Trip:  BVB-DD-0519
Bread:  RFP-BRD-0619
Refrigerator Box Truck for Farm to School:  RFB-RBT-0619
Food Processing Equipment:  RFB-FPE-0619
Interior Security Services:  RFP-ISS-0619
2020 Dorman High Orchestra New York City Trip:  RFB-ONY-0719
Band Instruments:  RFB-BI-0719
Pizza Ingredients:  RFP-PI-0619
Fairforest Middle Orchestra Instruments:  RFB-OI-0819
Fairforest Middle School Band Trip - Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge:  BVB-FMBG-0819
Barbering Program Equipment:  RFB-BE-0919