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Trustmark Life Insurance (including Long Term Care/Home Health/Adult Care

  • Trustmark Website
  • Trustmark Life insurance helps shield you from financial hardship if you or your spouse are suddenly out of the picture

  • Is a financial tool that helps you manage life at every stage-from supporting a family to sending your children to college to the need for long-term care

Trustmark Critical Illness Insurance/Coverage

Trustmark Disability Income Insurance/Coverage

Trustmark Website

Total disability due to:

  • Non-occupational sickness
  • Non-occupational injury
  • Pregnancy(10 months after effective date)
  • Complications of pregnancy

To file a claim or to enroll please contact Ward Service - 800-673-6472.

Trustmark Accident Insurance/Coverage

Trustmark Website

  • Non-Occupational coverage with benefits for:
    • Hospital Admission
    • Hospital Intensive Care Unit
    • Emergency Room Treatment
  • Helps cover out of pocket expenses such deductibles, copayments, bills and more
  • Rates do not increase with age