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Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits and Options

Retirement Statements

The SCRS (South Carolina Retirement System) no longer prints annual member statements. To get a copy of your SCRS member statement, you will need to log into SCRS Member Access. If you have not registered for Member Access, you will need your current contribution balance before you start the registration process. If you do not have this figure available, call SCRS at 1-888-260-9430.

To log into SCRS Member Access:

  • Go to the Retirement System Website –
  • Click on “Member Access” located on the left side of the page.
  • If not registered, click on “Register Now” and follow the prompts.
  • If registered, click on “Sign In” to access your SCRS account information, including your member statement.
  • If you have registration issues, please call SCRS customer service for help at 1-888-260-9430

Retirement (SCRS, ORP, TERI)

Retirement participation is either mandatory or optional depending on the position and terms of employment with the District. For most positions, participation is mandatory with a fixed contribution of 9.0%. You can be a member of the SC Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP): TIAA-CREFAIG VALICMassMutual, and METLIFE.


South Carolina Retirement System(SCRS)

The South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS) offers the option of a defined benefit plan to all Spartanburg District Six School employees. Employees are required to contribute at the specified rate (9.0% as of July 1, 2017). Employee contributions are on a pre-tax basis. Benefits and vesting rights are defined by SCRS. Benefits are defined by the Retirement formula. Optional membership is available to bus drivers, temporary employees, and substitutes. For details, visit SCRS. Enrollment is required within 30 days of the hire date. Employees that do not make an election within 30 days will be defaulted into SCRS.

Basic Plan Information (SCRS)

State Optional Retirement Program (State ORP)

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) is another retirement plan option available to all District Six employees. The ORP is a defined contribution plan administered by four contracted investment providers. Employees are required to contribute at the specified rate (9.0% as of July 1, 2017). The District contributes 5.0% (as defined by the State) to each employee’s account. All contributions are made on a pre-tax basis and immediately vested. For details visit ORP. Enrollment is required within 30 days of the hire date. Enrollment is required within 30 days of the hire date. Employees that do not make an election within 30 days will be defaulted into SCRS.

Basic Plan Information (ORP)

Active Member Beneficiary Forms

Supplemental Retirement Benefits (401k, 457, 403b)

Full-time and part-time employees may elect to participate in a variety of voluntary, tax-deferred retirement programs offered through the District via payroll deduction.

  • South Carolina Deferred Compensation 401k and 457
  • TSA Consulting Group, Inc. - 403b Annuity Plan Administrator
    District Six Schools has contracted with TSA Consulting Group, Inc (TSACG) effective April 1, 2015, to provide 403(b) plan administration services. On behalf of Spartanburg School District Six, TSACG will be responsible for salary reduction agreement processing and the approval of transactions such as Distributions, Exchanges, Transfers, Loans, and Rollovers.

    An authorized Provider list is available online at Choose Plan Sponsor Pages. Select South Carolina from the list of states and then choose District Six schools. You will find the list of Authorized Providers for the plan. To start participating or to change an existing plan contribution, you will need to complete a salary reduction agreement (SRA). To complete the agreement, please use the click here link in the Online Enrollment Process section which will take you to the ART Login Page. Under Login, you will choose Participant. The first time you log on, your username will be your social security number with no slashes/dashes and your password will be your date of birth with no slashes/dashes and a four digit year – 04012015. You will immediately be prompted to change your username and password. 

    To complete the salary reduction agreement, please go to the services drop down and choose salary reduction agreement. Follow the online instructions to complete and submit the form for processing. Questions regarding the salary reduction agreement process can be directed to the SRA Department at 888-796-3786, option 5. Please note that the SRA Department’s hours of operation are Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm (CST) and on Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (CST).

    Important-You MUST establish an account with your selected provider prior to the date you begin the Salary Reduction. If the account has not been properly established, it could result in your contributions being returned to you and becoming taxable. Verifying that the account has been established before submitting the SRA will expedite the process and help to avoid having funds returned to you.

Social Security/Medicare

When planning for retirement, you should consider your eligibility for social security and Medicare benefits.  Information is available on the Social Security Administration’s website.  

If you are a retiree who returned to work in a full‐time position or you averaged 30 hours per week in a part‐time or variable‐hour position, you are eligible for active benefits. If you are covered by the State Health Plan as a retiree, you may choose to enroll as an active employee or keep your retiree coverage (as long as you or your covered dependents are not eligible for Medicare). If you or any of your covered dependents are eligible for Medicare, you cannot be covered as a PEBA retiree and must be enrolled as an active employee under District Six Schools.