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Health Room Operations


The health room is operated daily by a licensed school nurse under the direction of the Director of Health Services. The health room is equipped to render emergency care for injuries or illnesses occurring at school and for caring for the student until a parent or proper medical personnel can assume responsibility. It is the responsibility of the school nurse to evaluate students with health needs, administer first aid and medications according to district policy, and to refer students for additional medical attention as needed. All student health and medical issues and procedures will be handled and performed by the school nurse.




Every effort is made to prevent accidents. However, in case of an accident, first aid will be administered only by the school nurse or other authorized school personnel. If it is serious, every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian. If however, we are unable to reach the parent/guardian, the school will follow the directions on the student health form to secure an individual to pick up the student. If a student requires medical attention beyond the scope of the school nurse and the school is unable to reach the parent/guardian, the school will call 911 and notify the parent as soon as possible.